Free Download 4k Video Downloader for windows & Mac

By | 23rd December 2021

4k Video Downloader for mac- 4K Video Downloader allows you to download video from famous online resources and convert it to a format that can be played on other devices, such as your iPad or iPhone. The tool can extract only the audio content from high-quality videos. Download videos from online video sharing sites in… Read More »

Free Download inotepad for Mac

By | 1st December 2021

Offline installer inotepad  download- iNotepad is a simple macOS programme that allows you to write and manage text notes in a neat and orderly manner. This programme has basic text editing and management features such as save/copy/paste, as well as the ability to modify the font style, colour, and size.iNotepad is a simple macOS programme… Read More »

Affinity photo free download for Windows & mac

By | 30th October 2021

Offline Installer Affinity photo- Affinity Photo is a complete and multi-platform software solution for advanced photo editing that offers an interesting alternative to other more expensive and popular similar apps. It is aimed at professional photographers and other visual artists. Considering that most full-featured picture editing programmed aren’t exactly resource-friendly, Affinity Photo takes a different… Read More »

Free download SEO website auditor for Windows & Mac

By | 27th October 2021

SEO Website Auditor offline Installer- It’s challenging to get everything right while creating a website. Building a website entails a number of variables that you often overlook, especially when there are a lot of distinct elements involved. It’s one thing to design the interface and make sure it’s all attractive, but it’s quite another to… Read More »

SEO Spyglass free Download-Backlinker Checker

By | 10th October 2021

SEO Spyglass Offline Installer- SEO SpyGlass is a reliable and easy-to-use backlink checker for webmasters who require assistance developing an effective SEO strategy that can propel your website to the top of the search results. Backlink checker for Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines- With SEO SpyGlass, you can monitor your search engine competitors… Read More »

Free download Brave Browser for Windows, Linux and Mac

By | 18th August 2021

Brave Browser for Windows, Linux and Mac Offline Installer- Offline Installer Brave – It’s a “brave browser” new world, one in which we’re increasingly conscious of the importance of privacy and security. Brian Bondy and Brendan Eich, the developer of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla, created Brave, a free, open-source, Chromium-based browser. Brave has been around… Read More »

Free download- Zoom cloud meeting 5.7.5 for mac

By | 12th August 2021

Zoom meeting app for video call- Zoom meeting may have appeared out of nowhere at the start of the epidemic, but the firm had been working on their conferencing technology for quite some time, having released the initial version in 2013. The goal was to make video conferencing more stable and intuitive, which was a… Read More »

Download Mac app cleaner & uninstaller 2021

By | 7th August 2021

Download Mac app cleaner & Uninstaller-  Unfortunately, when you relocate macOS apps to the Trash, some resources files associated to the installation may stay, cluttering your storage space unnecessarily. What is App cleaner & Uninstaller ? App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a simple but powerful macOS app that can help you thoroughly uninstall apps, restore apps to their original condition by eliminating their resources files, and find all the unneeded stuff left behind by previously uninstalled apps.   To find all installed programmes, scan your Application and Home folders Tools Cleaner & Uninstaller starts the scanning procedure right away. The list of installed apps and the list of leftover resource files are both organized in two tabs within the main window. Simply choose one of the available options to get a list of associated application support files, caches, preferences, or crash reports.  Please keep in mind that each item has a checkbox that must be checked if you want to remove it. Filter the results to rapidly find the files that are outdated or huge- Cleaner & Uninstaller displays all apps by default and keeps them arranged by name, but you may select to only see the old and large ones.This manner, you can quickly identify the ones that take up a lot of disc space even if you don’t use them and take action accordingly. If you’re not sure whether or not to remove an app, it can open the container folder in a Finder window so you can quickly assess its utility. App cleaner that doesn’t interfere with utilities that require administrator accesses- To summarise, this application can detect all installed apps as well as the service files connected with them, such as preferences, logs, and cache files.You can either uninstall the programmes or just remove the resources files to get back to the original launch state.It’s worth noting that App Cleaner & Uninstaller doesn’t detect or help you with apps or resources files that require administrator access to change.As a result, the chance of accidentally deleting something important is greatly minimized. Free download for app cleaner & Uninstaller- Download- App cleaner & Unistaller for mac/ Homepage Download: App cleaner & Unistaller

Offline Installer for telegram Messenger- For mac

By | 3rd August 2021

Telegram Messenger- Telegram messenger is an open source, multiplatform, modern, and free graphical programme that allows any Linux user to simply and rapidly communicate with friends, coworkers, and family members that use Telegram from the comfort of their GNU/Linux desktops. Telegram is a revolutionary messaging system that is fast, highly secure, cloud-based, distributed, free, open… Read More »

Video Editor for Mac- Free download latest version

By | 31st July 2021

Video Editor for mac- Offline installer- What is Video Editor ? Simple Video Editor is a reliable, multi-practical programming, packaged with film altering capacities and enhancements that permits you to make both 2D and 3D arrangements. The product permits you alter both video and sound transfers, embed captions, overlay pictures and record media. Besides, it… Read More »