Twinkle Tray 1.16.0 Beta 3 Offline Installer Download

By | 18th August 2023

Sparkle Plate allows you effectively to deal with the splendor levels of numerous screens. Despite the fact that Windows is fit for changing the backdrop illumination on most screens, it ordinarily doesn’t uphold outside screens. Windows 10 and 11 likewise come up short on capacity to deal with the splendor of various presentations. This application embeds another symbol into your framework plate, where you can snap to have a moment of admittance to the brilliance levels of every single viable presentation. You can Download Twinkle Tray 1.16.0 Beta 3 Offline Installer Setup from the below link.

Design & Personalization

Sparkle Plate will naturally change the look and feel to match your Windows form and inclinations. Extra choices are accessible to choose your preferred Windows rendition and subject.

Twinkle Tray features

Sparkle Plate offers various choices and elements to match your inclinations. Which are all 100 percent free.

  • Flawlessly mixes in with Windows 10 and Windows 11.
  • Works with most PCs and DDC/CI-empowered screens.
  • Tie hotkeys to change the brilliance of explicitly or all presentations.
  • Control DDC/CI elements like differentiation, volume, and power state.
  • Uphold’s brilliance changes by season of day or when inactive.
  • Uphold’s order line contentions for custom prearranging.
  • Standardize backdrop illumination across various screens.
  • Limited for north of 20 dialects.
  • Fires up with Windows.

Twinkle Tray 1.16.0 Beta 1 changelog:

New features & improvements

  • Added help for client-characterized custom DDC/CI elements per show. On the off chance that you supply a substantial VCP code (decimal or hexadecimal), another slider will be added to the splendor flyout.
  • Carried out extra customizations to DDC/CI elements (difference, volume, and custom). You can now set min/max values, and connect the element to the brilliance slider. For instance, you could connect diverge from splendor, so you can arrive at lower apparent brilliance levels on your screen than with brilliance changes alone.
  • Redesign the hotkeys framework. You can now dole out numerous screens per hotkey, set/change brilliance to any esteem, and send erratic VCP codes (contrast, volume, power state, and so on).
  • Executed per-application brilliance profiles. At the point when a particular application is the engaged window, a client-characterized splendor profile can apply to all presentations. The first splendor will be reestablished while changing back from the application. This ought to be particularly valuable for games. Kindly note that Sparkle Plate doesn’t follow which shows the application is on. There are no designs for that usefulness right now.
  • Furthermore, profiles can be saved to the situation plate right-click menu to rapidly change the brilliance of different screens to the client-characterized profiles.
  • Added choice to set off splendor changes as indicated by the sun’s situation. Kindly note that Sparkle Plate can’t get your directions. You should give them yourself.
  • Further developed exactness and subtleties for CLI orders.
  • Sparkle Plate presently utilizes an interior UDP server for specific CLI orders. As a matter of course, it won’t open ports to your neighborhood or outer organizations. It just conveys over localhost. On the off chance that you might want to execute a UDP client for outside brilliance/DDC control, documentation will be accessible later on.
  • Changing the power condition of a screen through DDC/CI will presently endeavor to flip the showcase back on, if relevant. You might have to change the new “Power State
  • Signal” put together for it to work for your monitor(s). Kindly remember that not all showcases accurately support this DDC/CI order and can make your presentation become lethargic. There is no way to additionally further develop similarity for this DDC/CI order.
  • The code for the Mica obscure impact has been refactored to utilize fewer assets and apply faster at startup.
  • How much brilliance changed while utilizing the plate scroll easy route is presently flexible.
  • A few conditions have been taken out or supplanted, diminishing the application’s size.
  • Secret presentations will as of now not be impacted by splendor refreshes.

Other information

  • The UIs for the new elements are not last.
  • Sparkle Plate currently dependably constructs utilizing the steady Hub/Electron renditions (as of composing). Moreover, a GitHub Activities CI interaction has been carried out to screen effective structure. Curios from this CI cycle are not viewed as steady Sparkle Plate fabricates. I won’t offer any help for assembles created from the CI cycle.
  • It is firmly suggested that you utilize a DDC/CI application, for example, ControlMyMonitor to comprehend the capacities of your presentation preceding setting up VCP code hotkeys. Twinkly Plate’s UI isn’t intended for fast and inconsistent DDC/CI changes beyond splendor control. Sparkle Plate can’t help you assuming that you send a VCP code that makes your showcase unusable.

Twinkle Tray 1.16.0 Beta 2:

  • Fixed broken application updater.
  • Fixed broken WMIC correspondence.
  • Fixed profile name input losing center while entering text.
  • Fixed profile erase button not working.

Twinkle Tray 1.16.0 Beta 3:

  • Added “Invigorate Showcases” hotkey activity.
  • Fixed Sparkle Plate not beginning assuming no hotkeys had been set preceding v1.16.0.
  • Fixed “forceful” overlay type not functioning as expected.
  • Fixed various profiles being erased without a moment’s delay.
  • Fixed non-brilliance VCP codes not being followed as expected when changed through Sparkle Plate.
  • Fixed profiles with void ways getting set off on any window.
  • Fixed contrast/volume hotkeys not initiating.


Download: Twinkle Tray 1.16.0 Beta 3 | 69.3 MB (Open Source)
Links: Twinkle Tray Website | Twinkle Tray @Microsoft Store

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