Google Chrome 116.0.5845.97 Offline Installer Download

By | 24th August 2023

The internet browser is ostensibly the main piece of programming on your PC. You invest a lot of your energy online inside a program: when you search, talk, email, shop, bank, read the news, and watch recordings on the web, you frequently do this truckload of utilizing a program.

Google Chrome is a program that joins a negligible plan with modern innovation to make the web quicker, more secure, and simpler. Utilize one box for everything- – type in the location bar and get ideas for both hunt and Site pages. Thumbnails of your top destinations let you access your number one pages in a flash with lightning speed from any new tab. Work area alternate routes permit you to send off your number one Web applications directly from your work area. Chrome has numerous valuable elements worked in, including programmed full-page interpretation and admittance to a huge number of applications, augmentations, and subjects from the Chrome Web Store. You can Download Google Chrome 116.0.5845.97 Offline Installer from the below link.

Google Chrome is one of the most incredible answers for Web perusing giving you an elevated degree of safety, speed and extraordinary highlights.


  • [$30000][1448548] High CVE-2023-2312: Use after free in Disconnected. Detailed by Avenue at S.S.L. on 2023-05-24
  • [$5000][1458303] High CVE-2023-4349: Use after free in Gadget Trust Connectors. Revealed by Weipeng Jiang (@Krace) of VRI on 2023-06-27
  • [$3000][1454817] High CVE-2023-4350: Improper execution in Fullscreen. Revealed by Khiem Tran (@duckhiem) on 2023-06-14
  • [$2000][1465833] High CVE-2023-4351: Use after free in Organization. Announced by Guang and Weipeng Jiang of VRI on 2023-07-18
  • [$NA][1452076] High CVE-2023-4352: Type Disarray in V8. Announced by Sergei Glazunov of Google Task Zero on 2023-06-07
  • [$NA][1458046] High CVE-2023-4353: Stack cradle flood in Point. Announced by Christoph Diehl/Microsoft Weakness Exploration on 2023-06-27
  • [$NA][1464215] High CVE-2023-4354: Stack cradle flood in Skia. Revealed by Imprint Brand of Google Undertaking Zero on 2023-07-12
  • [$NA][1468943] High CVE-2023-4355: Beyond the field of play memory access in V8. Revealed by Sergei Glazunov of Google Undertaking Zero on 2023-07-31
  • [$5000][1449929] Medium CVE-2023-4356: Use after free in Sound. Revealed by Zhenghang Xiao (@Kipreyyy) on 2023-05-30
  • [$3000][1458911] Medium CVE-2023-4357: Deficient approval of untrusted input in XML. Detailed by Igor Sak-Sakovskii on 2023-06-28
  • [$3000][1466415] Medium CVE-2023-4358: Use after free in DNS. Detailed by Weipeng Jiang (@Krace) of VRI on 2023-07-20
  • [$2000][1443722] Medium CVE-2023-4359: Unseemly execution in Application Launcher. Detailed by @retsew0x01 on 2023-05-09
  • [$2000][1462723] Medium CVE-2023-4360: Unseemly execution in Variety. Revealed by Axel Chong on 2023-07-07
  • [$2000][1465230] Medium CVE-2023-4361: Improper execution in Autofill. Revealed by Thomas Orlita on 2023-07-17
  • [$1000][1316379] Medium CVE-2023-4362: Load cradle flood in Mojom IDL. Announced by Zhao Hai of NanJing Cyberpeace TianYu Lab on 2022-04-14
  • [$1000][1367085] Medium CVE-2023-4363: Improper execution in WebShare. Announced by Alessandro Ortiz on 2022-09-23
  • [$1000][1406922] Medium CVE-2023-4364: Improper execution in Consent Prompts. Announced by Jasper Rebane on 2023-01-13
  • [$1000][1431043] Medium CVE-2023-4365: Improper execution in Fullscreen. Revealed by Hafiizh on 2023-04-06
  • [$1000][1450784] Medium CVE-2023-4366: Use after free in Augmentations. Announced by Asinine on 2023-06-02
  • [$500][1467743] Medium CVE-2023-4367: Lacking arrangement implementation in Augmentations Programming interface. Detailed by Axel Chong on 2023-07-26
  • [$500][1467751] Medium CVE-2023-4368: Lacking strategy implementation in Augmentations Programming interface. Announced by Axel Chong on 2023-07-26

Critical to be aware! The disconnected installer joins do exclude the programmed update highlight.

Download web installer: Google Chrome Web 32-bit | Google Chrome 64-bit | Freeware
Download: Google Chrome Offline Installer 64-bit | 94.1 MB
Download: Google Chrome Offline Installer 32-bit | 89.8 MB
Download page: Google Chrome Portable
Download: Google Chrome MSI Installers for Windows (automatic update)
View: Chrome Website | v 116.0.5845.97 Release Notes

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