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By | 10th February 2021

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NetLimiter is an last internet visitors control and tracking tool designed for windows. you may use NetLimiter to set download/upload switch fee limits for packages or even single connection and display their internet visitors. along side this precise feature, Netlimiter offers complete set of net statistical gear. It includes actual-time visitors dimension and long-term in keeping with-software internet visitors facts. While it has a significant market among more technically minded computer users, in medium-to-large networks it becomes difficult for administrators to maintain multiple copies of configuration files.[citation needed] It is, however, useful for simulating slow links between departments showing how the applications will work when deployed to slower sites.[citation needed]. It is often lumped together with other free or shareware in articles that present the reader with ‘essential’ applications and power user-type utilities.

Main NetLimiter Feature:

  • NetLimiter shows listing of all programs communicating over network it is connections, switch prices and extra.
    you can use NetLimiter to set down load or add switch rate limits for packages, connections or groups of them. With limits you may effortlessly manipulate your net connection’s bandwidth (bandwidth shaper or bandwidth controller)
    Statistical device lets you to tune your internet traffic records because you’ve got hooked up NetLimiter.

The software is to be had in 3 variations: the freeware display and paid for versions, Lite and pro.screen presents real-time tracking and information. Lite offers monitoring and limits, while the pro version consists of all display and Lite functions together with additional capabilities which include the capacity to act as a firewall, remote administration via a website, and filtering.

  • The product has its very own programming interface, allowing integration with different software program.
  • model 1.3 of the software program changed into criticized by means of cNet in 2009 as the usage of too much reminiscence (12 MB).
  • model 3 was launched on August 31, 2010.
  • version is a primary NetLimiter very last launch on August 5, 2015.

Additional network statistics for NetLimiter

  • NetLimiter offers you with and additional information like WHOIS, traceroute etc.
    Rule scheduler, faraway management, Connection blocker, walking as WinNT provider, person rights, Chart, advanced Rule editor and scheduler, region based visitors control.

And more…

  • Rule scheduler, far flung management, Connection blocker, strolling as WinNT provider, consumer rights, Chart, superior Rule editor and scheduler, area primarily based traffic management.

What’s New:

  • Most important reason of this model is to release upgrades introduced in version six in a stable bundle. Many way to all who helped with testing and debugging the new functions!

Bug Fixes of Netlimiter-

  • By chance reversed IPV6 addresses in Connection records
    All problems located in previous trying out releases

Similar products –

  • cFosSpeed
    SeriousBit NetBalancer
    Trickle, a Userland Bandwidth Shaper for Unix-like structures

Changes in NetLimiter

  • On a few structures and configurations, energetic precedence policies could cause reminiscence leak and machine slowdown.

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