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By | 18th August 2021

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Brave – It’s a “brave browser” new world, one in which we’re increasingly conscious of the importance of privacy and security. Brian Bondy and Brendan Eich, the developer of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla, created Brave, a free, open-source, Chromium-based browser. Brave has been around for a while (it was formally launched in January 2016 after a lengthy testing phase), and it’s largely known for its security and privacy features. While this is true, Brave has a lot more. One of Brave’s key aims, for example, is to overhaul the Internet’s present advertising strategy. For the ordinary user, it’s a fantastic browser, and here’s why.

Initial impressions for Brave Browser-

When you first start Brave, you’ll be greeted by a mini-tutorial that explains the principles of the brave ideology. It has a rather interesting New Tab section that displays a customizable Dashboard with a background image, some Brave stats, news, and a clock (much like Chrome). Its design is simple and functional (much like Chrome), and it has a rather interesting New Tab section that displays a customizable Dashboard with a background image, some Brave stats, news, and a clock (much like Chrome). When it comes to statistics, you can find out how many adverts and trackers have been banned, as well as how much time and bandwidth this process has saved you. This leads us to the next point we’ll discuss. The second feature of Brave that you’ll notice is how fluid and speedy it is. Websites load substantially faster than almost any other browser available. Of course, the change isn’t huge, but it’s evident nonetheless. This is due to the fact that Brave by default bans all adverts, scrips, and trackers. Simply use Brave for a couple of weeks and look out the metrics measured in the New Tab area to discover how efficient it is. Don’t be surprised if tens of thousands of trackers and advertising are stopped, and a few gigabytes are saved.

Strong privacy and security aspects-

Brave browser

The so-called “Shields” contain the majority of the browser’s security mechanisms. Ad blocking, fingerprint prevention, cookie control, HTTPS upgrade, and script blocking are all handled by these shields. They have one distinct feature worth noting: they may be configured on both a global (browser-wide) and per-site basis. Shields can also be turned off for each specific webpage if desired.Brave contains a built-in password manager, form autofill, a feature that sends “Do not track” requests with browsing requests, and it automatically eliminates phishing, malware, and aggressive advertising attempts.Brave has a “Stealth Mode” named Private Window, as expected. The best part about this functionality is that it also gives you direct Tor access. The Tor anonymity (Onion) network can be used to reroute your traffic.

Explanation of Brave Rewards-

For some users, this is the most perplexing feature of Brave, while others will go about their everyday browsing routines without giving it any thought. This implies that while Brave filters third-party ads, it does not prevent “first-party” adverts from appearing. Before we go any further, it’s important to emphasise that Brave isn’t trying to force this feature down your neck. If you choose, you can turn off Brave Rewards (and all of its features).The BAT token (a cryptocurrency token, Brave Attention Token) and the ad network itself are the two primary components of this business model. Content providers can join the ad network, and their advertisements will eventually appear in Brave while you surf. These tokens can be used to pay network ad makers (the BAT amount is automatically delivered to ad providers based on your attention and surfing time) or to purchase TAP network gif cards.

Free download Brave Brower for Windows, Linux and Mac-

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