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By | 2nd August 2023

Stardock Start11 is a Windows 11 customization instrument intended to bring back the exemplary Beginning menu and upgrade clients’ work area experience. It offers a scope of elements and choices that permit clients to customize their Beginning menu and taskbar to suit their inclinations. Download Start11 Offline Installer.

Make Your Desktop Yours

Assume total command over your work area with Start11. With Windows 11, Microsoft picked structure over usefulness and eliminated a wide range of elements that were accessible in Windows 10. With Start11, you can modify the experience to accommodate your character.

Features You Expect

Windows 11 eliminated many highlights that were available in Windows 10, Start11 brings them back. From the rudiments like returning the right-click menu on the taskbar to ungrouping of windows on the taskbar. You can likewise decide to have your symbols focused on the taskbar with your Beginning menu left adjusted.

One Desktop to Rule Them All

While working with numerous gadgets across different variants of Windows, Start11 can assist you with making a typical work area experience. Make Windows 10 seem to be Windows 11, or 11 seem to be Windows 10. Or on the other hand what about compelling the two Windows 10 and 11 seem to be Windows 7? The decision is yours.

Remove Unwanted Content

Start11 changelog:
  • NEW : Right-click on the taskbar button currently offers Close Window rather than Close All Windows on Windows 11
  • Presently upholds win key when forefront application is raised
  • Settle issue with taskbar line not continuously showing accurately on Win11 22H2 when taskbar improvements are incapacitated.
  • Added choice to impede Winkey dealing with completely when in a fullscreen application
  • Settled some taskbar incongruence issues with right-tapping on the taskbar on late dev channel works of Win11.
  • Changed taskbar button blazing variety in light mode as excessively pale
  • Settled issues with applications that quickly update the taskbar progress bars hanging the taskbar for periods
  • Workaround for an accident brought about by Grammarly being introduced while utilizing sub-menus
  • Repaired issue with taskbar moved while utilizing non-standard scaling factors (like 140%)


Start11 is only $7.40 For more information about Start11, please visit Start11 website.

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