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By | 13th February 2021

Password Safe 3.55 Download-

Password safe is a password database application. Like many different such products, business and in any other case, it stores your passwords in an encrypted record, permitting you to take into account best one password (the “safe mixture”), instead of all the username/password mixtures which you use. as soon as stored, your person names and passwords are only some clicks away.

The use of Password secure you may organize your passwords the use of your personal customizable references—as an instance, by user identification, class, net website online, or vicinity. you could pick out to keep all of your passwords in a unmarried encrypted grasp password listing (an encrypted password database), or use more than one databases to further organize your passwords (work and domestic, for instance). And with its intuitive interface you’ll be up and running in mins. Password Safe was at the start designed by the renowned security technologist Bruce Schneider and launched as a free software software. The Open source model of Password secure become originally hosted on Source Forge. currently the main source repository is on GitHub, with Source Forge serving as a backup repository.

Security begins with you, the person. retaining written lists of passwords on scraps of paper, or in a text file for your desktop is risky and is effortlessly considered by using prying eyes (both cyber-primarily based and human). using the equal password time and again again across a huge spectrum of systems and internet sites creates the nightmare situation where once a person has discovered one password, they’ve discovered all your passwords and still have access to every part of your life (gadget, email, retail, monetary, paintings).

Features of Password safe 3.55-

Password control-

  • Saved passwords can be sectioned into agencies and subgroups in a tree structure.
  • Changes to entries may be tracked, such as a history of preceding passwords, the introduction time, amendment time, final get right of entry to time, and expiration time of each password saved. textual content notes may be entered with the password details.

Import and export-

  • The password list can be exported to diverse record formats such as TXT, XML and previous variations of Password safe. Password safe also supports importing these files
  • Password secure supports importing TXT and CSV files which had been exported from KeePass model 1.x (V1). KeePass model 2.x (V2) lets in databases to be exported as a KeePass V1 database, which in flip may be imported to Password secure.[needs replace]
  • Password safe can not without delay import a XML report exported by way of KeePass V1 or V2, because the fields are too specific. however, the help report gives instructions for processing an exported XML file with considered one of a couple of XSLT files (protected with Password secure) if you want to produce a Password safe well suited XML report that can then be imported.[wishes update]

Document encryption-

Password safe can encrypt any report the use of a key derived from a passphrase furnished by the user via the command-line interface.

Password generator-

The software program functions a built-in password generator that generates random passwords. The user may also designate parameters for password generation (duration, man or woman set, etc.), creating a “Named Password coverage” by way of which extraordinary passwords can be created.

What Makes Password Safe Secure?

  • Open source – most important, you don’t ought to take our phrase for it. you could down load the source code and look at it yourself, or have someone else take a look at it for you. if you’re sincerely concerned, you can build the program from the sources you’ve downloaded and reviewed, in place of the binary files we build for every release.
    For the files we provide, you may test that they’re those that we have uploaded, and not tampered with, through checking the GPG cryptographic signature it is generate for every record.
    Designed through Bruce Schneider – the original model turned into designed with the aid of famend security professional Bruce Schneier, and we have his permission to say so.
    No lower back door / recovery mechanism – there is no way for customers (or developers, for that matter) to get entry to the passwords without the grasp key.
    tough to brute-pressure – within the absence of returned doorways, an attacker can attempt a brute-pressure assault, e.g., the use of a dictionary. Password secure has safeguards in vicinity to make this as difficult as possible.
    The master passphrase is never stored the clean. We store something that derived from the master passphrase, but tough to calculate. whilst you enter your passphrase, we duplicate the calculation and examine the outcomes. only if the comparison succeeds will we hold to derive the encryption key from your grasp passphrase.
    touchy memory is kept from swapping to disk.
    All user records is encrypted in reminiscence.
    reminiscence with sensitive statistics is wiped as soon as feasible.
    report integrity tests: although the record’s encrypted, it is not necessarily covered against unauthorized modification. Password secure implements integrity assessments on the document so that an attacker cannot modify it without knowing the grasp passphrase.
    Reliability: Backups of preceding databases are stored with the aid of default. The person can configure what number of backups to keep and wherein to maintain them.
    For more details, experience free to contact the authors.

Password-safe 3.55 Review-

Password safe is one of the excellent and easy to apply password managers for home windows®. it’s miles extraordinarily small, easy to install and so easy to use. The entire setup will take you multiple seconds, and you don’t need a guide to learn how to use this application. just install the software, click on “New” button to create your first database. The database is safe as it might be encrypted using cozy encryption algorithms which includes AES or TwoFish. when you create your first database, begin including customers and passwords. go to “Edit” tab and pick out “upload entry,” entire all the fields, and that’s it. you may create a couple of databases, groups and nearly anything else which you could count on from a password supervisor.

For advanced customers, it does have several alternatives that let you customise the application but those are useful once you get acquainted together with his essential functions. you could “create intermediate backups before saving” or use shortcuts – this software program has many functions that you may in all likelihood by no means use.

This application isn’t a aid hog, in my take a look at it used handiest 1 MB of RAM which makes this software fantastic to run on older computers.

Free Download for Password safe 3.55-

Download: PasswordSafe 32-bit | Portable 32-bit | ~16.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: PasswordSafe 64-bit | Portable 64-bit



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