NetLimiter Offline Installer for Windows 7,8,10

By | 18th February 2021

NetLimiter free Download-

NetLimiter – is an remaining net traffic manage and monitoring tool designed for home windows. you can use NetLimiter to set down load/upload transfer rate limits for programs or even unmarried connection and monitor their net site visitors. along with this particular characteristic, Netlimiter gives comprehensive set of internet statistical tools. It includes real-time site visitors size and long-term in step with-utility net visitors data. It has a sizeable market among more technically minded computer users, in medium-to-big networks it will become difficult for directors to hold a couple of copies of configuration documents.[citation wished] it’s miles, but, beneficial for simulating gradual links among departments displaying how the programs will paintings whilst deployed to slower websites.[quotation needed]. it’s far frequently lumped collectively with other free or shareware in articles that gift the reader with ‘vital’ packages and poweruser-kind utilities.


Main Features-

  • NetLimiter¬†shows list of all packages communicating over network it’s connections, switch prices and greater.
  • You may use NetLimiter to set down load or add switch rate limits for packages, connections or businesses of them. With limits you may effortlessly manipulate your net connection’s bandwidth (bandwidth shaper or bandwidth controller)
  • Statistical device lets you to track your internet site visitors history given that you’ve installed NetLimiter.

Similar Products of NetLimiter

  • cFosSpeed
  • SeriousBit NetBalancer
  • TrafficShaperXP
  • Trickle, a Userland Bandwidth Shaper for Unix-like systems

Additional network information-

  • NetLimiter provides you with and extra statistics like WHOIS, traceroute and so on.
  • Rule scheduler, remote administration, Connection blocker, running as WinNT service, person rights, Chart, advanced Rule editor and scheduler, zone based traffic control…

NetLimiter bug fixes-

  • Sluggish stats queries constant.
  • Many minor malicious program fixes.

New features of NetLimiter

  • The Tags.
  • Plenty of internal improvements.

Free Download for NetLimiter

Download- NetLimiter | 7.2 MB (Shareware)

View-NetLimiter Offline Installer / Homepage

Link-NetLimiter Homepage


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