Mullvad Browser 12.5.2 Offline Installer Download

By | 7th August 2023

The Mullvad Program is a security centered internet browser created in a coordinated effort between Mullvad VPN and the Peak Venture. Limiting following and fingerprinting is planned. You could say it’s a Pinnacle Program to use without the Peak Organization. All things considered, you can utilize it with a reliable VPN. The thought is to give another other option – next to the Peak Organization – to peruse the web with more protection. To get whatever number individuals as could be allowed to battle the large information social event of today. To liberate the web from mass observation. You can Download Mullvad Browser 12.5.2 Offline Installer Setup from below link.

The Mullvad program is for nothing, open source, and can be utilized without Mullvad VPN (albeit the blend is suggested). It is upheld across stages (Windows, MacOS, Linux).

  • Protection nature of the Peak Program. To use with a VPN – Utilizing a VPN isn’t sufficient to accomplish wonderful protection on the web. There’s essentially a lot of information being removed through most programs. The Mullvad Program is an internet browser with the security nature of the Peak Program, to be utilized with a reliable VPN.
  • Solid enemy of fingerprinting from the Pinnacle Venture – The Peak Undertaking has a demonstrated history of building a protection centered program. The Mullvad Program has a similar fingerprinting insurance as the Pinnacle Program – it simply interfaces with the web with (or without) a VPN rather than the Peak Organization.
  • No telemetry – Telemetry is one of a kind information being gathered by the program to work on its exhibition. We don’t put stock in that frame of mind about our clients. In this way, with the Mullvad Program we have eliminated all telemetry.
  • Protection first – Mullvad VPN has a demonstrated record of putting security first. With no unusual plans of action or transient investor proprietors. The Pinnacle Task is a non-benefit association battling for basic liberties.

Mullvad Browser 12.5.2 changelog:

All Platforms

  • Refreshed NoScript to 11.4.26
  • Refreshed uBlock Beginning to 1.51.0
  • Refreshed Firefox to 102.14.0esr
  • Bug 217: Rebase Mullvad Program 12.5 stable on top of 102.14esr


Build System – All Platforms

  • Bug 40889: Add mullvad sha256sums URL to tools/signing/download-unsigned-sha256sums-gpg-signatures-from-people-tpo [tor-browser-build]
  • Bug 40894: Fix arrangement of keyring/boklm.gpg [tor-program build]
  • Bug 40909: Add dan_b and ma1 to rundown of taggers in applicable tasks



  • Bug 31546: Make and uncover PDB documents for Peak Program troubleshooting on Windows [tor-program build]

Download: Mullvad Browser 12.5.2 | macOS ~100 MB (Open Source)
View: Mullvad Browser Homepage | Mullvad Browser FAQ

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