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By | 1st March 2020

Google Chrome add-on for the Grammarly online service that offers instant access to a grammar and spelling checker, and can provide definitions or synonyms for any term

Grammarly for Chrome is an add-on designed to streamline the access to the Grammarly online platform and help you use its tools on any web page.

Grammarly in brief:

Grammarly is a free Chrome extension which checks your spelling and grammar on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, in web forms and just about anywhere else you type online.

Once installed, the system works automatically. Start typing in a supported textbox, Grammarly displays its icon in the bottom right of the box to show it’s working, and problem words or phrases are immediately underlined in red.

It’s a familiar idea, but Grammarly goes a lot further than some of the competition. Context-sensitive checking means the system doesn’t just complain about spelling (theyre), it also knows when words are used incorrectly (go over they’re). And the grammar checker moves beyond the basics to tackle very complex errors and issues.

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Specification: Grammarly for Chrome 14.945.0:

  • Platforms:Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,windows 10,Mac OS X,iPad,Android
  • Version:14.945.0
  • Licence:Freeware
  • Developer: Grammarly
  • Date Added:Jan 27, 2020

Make use of the Grammarly writing tools on any web page opened in Chrome

Grammarly for Chrome installs like any other Google Chrome extension: navigate to the respective Google Store page and press the “Add to Chrome button.” The add-on will seamlessly integrate into your browser, and you can see its icon next to the address bar.

In addition, the Grammarly for Chrome functions will work on any web page: just start typing in a text field and the add-on will let you know whenever there are any issues with your typing. Moreover, you will also get improvements suggestions, just like you would see in the web app.

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Improve your writing or get definitions for words you don’t understand

Within the Grammarly for Chrome panel, you get to decide if you want to activate the grammar and spelling checker or see the definition and synonyms for words if you double click on them.

The latter function is great if you are reading articles and you need to look up terms: you get access to the data on the spot, without having to navigate to third party resources.

Furthermore, the Grammarly for Chrome add-on provides quick access to your Grammarly document collections and helps you open a new document. Both sources will be launched in a new tab.

Official Chrome extension for the Grammarly writing service

To sum up, Grammarly for Chrome offers you the possibility to access the Grammarly writing tools directly in any web page opened within the Google Chrome web browser.

Keep in mind that Grammarly is a subscription based service, so you need to upgrade your account to get access to the advanced features.


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