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By | 30th June 2021

Free Download firefox 89.0.2 for mac-

Firefox 89.0.2  is a quick, full-included Web program. It offers incredible security, protection, and insurance against infections, spyware, malware, and it can likewise effectively obstruct pop windows. The key highlights that have made Firefox so mainstream are the basic and powerful UI, program speed and solid security abilities. Firefox has total highlights for perusing the Internet. It is truly dependable and adaptable because of its executed security highlights, alongside customization alternatives. The incorporates spring up hindering, tab-perusing, coordinated Google search, improved on security controls, a smoothed out program window that shows you a greater amount of the page than some other program and some of extra highlights that work with you to assist you with taking advantage of your time on the web.

Beginning in 89, you’ll notice a number of changes, including:

  • Worked on program chrome and toolbar: Less as often as possible utilized things eliminated to zero in on the main route things.
  • Clear, smoothed out menus: Re-coordinated and focused on menu content as indicated by use. Refreshed names and eliminated iconography.
  • Refreshed prompts: Infobars, boards, and modals have a cleaner plan and more clear language.
  • Propelled tab configuration: Floating tabs perfectly contain data and surface signals when you need them, as visual markers for sound controls. The adjusted plan of the dynamic tab upholds center and signals the capacity to effortlessly move the tab depending on the situation.
  • Less interferences: Reduced number of cautions and messages, so you can peruse with less interruptions.
  • Durable, more settled visuals: Lighter iconography, a refined shading range, and more predictable styling all through.

Firefox 89.0.2 fixes-

  • Fix occasional hangs with Software WebRender on Linux (bug 1708224)

Free Download Firefox89.0.2 for mac-

Download: Firefox 89.0.2 for Windows | Firefox 64-bit | ~50.0 MB (Freeware)
Download: Firefox 89.0.2 for Linux | 64-bit | ~70.0 MB
Download: Firefox 89.0.2 for MacOS | 126.0 MB

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