Brave 1.56.20 Download Offline Installer

By | 6th August 2023

Fearless Program is a lightning-quick, secure internet browser that stands apart from the opposition with its emphasis on protection, security, and speed. With highlights like HTTPS All over the place and implicit tracker impeding, Fearless holds your internet based exercises protected back from meddlesome eyes. Valiant is quite possibly of the most secure program available today. It obstructs outsider information stockpiling. It shields from program fingerprinting. Also, it does this of course.

Speed – Fearless is based on Chromium, the very innovation that powers Google Chrome, and is enhanced for speed, giving a quick and responsive perusing experience.

Fearless Program likewise includes Daring Prizes, a framework that rewards clients with Fundamental Consideration Tokens (BAT) for survey pick in promotions. This inventive framework gives an elective income model to content makers and a method for supporting the Courageous people group. Download Brave 1.56.20 Offline Installer.

Brave Browser 1.56.20 changelog:


  • Fixed missing expense gauge for EIP-1599 exchanges on zksync Mainnet. (#31959)
  • Fixed powerlessness to eliminate custom organizations under brave://settings/wallet/networks. (#31953)


  • Fixed permissions for “BraveSoftware” folder on macOS. (#30546)
  • Fixed vertical tab scroll clamping on Linux. (#31925)
  • Fixed issue where tab content was displayed behind vertical tab after exiting full screen on Linux. (#30629)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 115.0.5790.171. (#31682) (Changelog for 115.0.5790.171)

Download: Brave Browser 64-bit | 1.3 MB (Freeware)
Download: Brave Browser 32-bit
View: Brave Homepage | Other Operating Systems | Screenshot

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